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Locks and keys are the be-all-and-end-all of security and has been so for centuries. However, with the technological advancements, not only did security intensify but so did the risks. Long gone are the days when you could fix your broken locks with handy tools. Now you need a professional locksmith for all your lock and key needs. From lockout emergencies to changing broken locks, you never know when the need arises. When that happens, your best bet is to call Columbus Locksmith Store, an experienced service provider of locksmiths in Columbus, OH, to help you out of your sticky situation. Just grab that phone and give us a call at 614-360-9349 to speak with our trained executives. Don't judge us by the exceptional quality we provide. We are a reliably cheap locksmith in Columbus Ohio and we can assure you that no one will give you the quality we offer at that price point. In fact, we can proudly say that we are a leading locksmith in Columbus Ohio with the widest range of service offerings.

About us

Columbus, OH, was an exhausted market when we began operating as a locksmith in the city. However, soon we saw ourselves gaining preference amongst our patrons. You know why? Because Columbus Locksmith Store not only provided the best locksmith service in the city, but also gave value for money. We have been serving the community for a decade and provide a full range of lock and key services to residential, commercial, and automotive customers. We do not limit ourselves to simple lock repair and replacement tasks. Our clients call us for everything from rekeying service to complete home security overhaul!

What makes us indispensable as a locksmith in Columbus Ohio is our team of trained technicians who have been handpicked through thorough selection process. Most importantly, we don't just focus on technical expertise but also train our clients in soft skills so that they can empathize with the clients and provide them the service they expect in their hour of need. We bring a human connection to a highly technical locksmith business!

Above all, we take immense pride in pricing models that does not exploit our customers’ emergency situations. Don't worry if you need help in the middle of the night! You can simply call Columbus Locksmith Store at 614-360-9349 and get serviced at your doorstep, without paying a premium price for out-of-office-hours assistance. We follow standard price to make quality service accessible to all and are a trusted cheap locksmith in Columbus Ohio!

Our USP:

When we talk about our unique selling point, there is not arguing the fact that our prices are unmatchable. At Columbus Locksmith Store, we have established a robust system that allows us to help you 24/7 for all your lock and key needs without charging you exorbitantly for it.

We understand that by its very nature, a locksmith service provider would have to provide quick assistance round-the-clock. This is why we did not limit ourselves to a 9-5 window of operations. Besides, we don't only serve the residential customers but also vehicle owners as well as commercial clients who may need us any time during the day.

From providing quick emergency service SLA of 30 minutes to quality services, we can proudly say that our business runs on word-of-mouth!

24/7 Availability

Have you ever been locked out of your car or forgot the key combination of file cabinets at work? In either case, only a trained specialist can help you out in this situation. Rather than panicking, just pick up the phone and call 614-360-9349 to connect with us. We assure you that a team of experts will be dispatched immediately, anywhere in Columbus, OH, and anytime during the day, to service your request. We are equipped with the best tools and technology to provide you a solution on the spot!

Mobile Locksmith Service

What if your key breaks in the ignition or you get locked out of your car in the middle of nowhere? Can you really wait for a towing truck to arrive and drag your car to the nearest dealership? Wouldn’t it be better if someone could come where you are and help you then and there?

Luckily for you, Columbus Locksmith Store does exactly that and more! We have a fleet of mobile locksmith vans that have been fitted with the latest equipment. When you call us at 614-360-9349 , we dispatch our strategically located vans to your location and ensure that the help arrives in less than 30 minutes.

So what are you waiting for? Why entrust your precious locks in the hands of an amateur when a professional locksmith in Columbus Ohio is just a phone call away?

Our Services

We are the leading providers of locksmith services in Columbus, OH. Some of our service include the following:

  • Automotive locksmith: Car lockouts can be incredibly frustrating. If you have one of those high-tech locking systems, then there is no way you can break into your car without causing intense damage. This is why you urge you exercise caution and wait for an expert to arrive. As an automotive locksmith in Ohio, you can call us for assistance and we will guarantee you support whenever you need and wherever in the city. Some of our auto locksmith services include car lockout assistance, replacement of transponder key, duplication service, trunk unlock service etc.
  • Residential locksmith: When was the last time you paid attention to your door locks? Did you know that your lock and key are the first line of defence between you and an intruder? Not paying attention to their upkeep is an open invitation to be burgled! Don't wait for a disaster to happen. Instead, pick up the phone and call Columbus Locksmith Store to speak with our residential locksmith experts. We can assess your current security situation for free and offer you suitable solutions to upgrade. We can also perform other tasks such as rekeying, lock change/replacement, home lockout assistance, installation of new locks etc.
  • Commercial locksmith: Office locks are tricky business and can only be dealt by someone who has the knowledge of the local laws and the commercial locking systems. Columbus Locksmith Store is fully aware of the building code requirements of Columbus, OH and offers you compliance friendly service round the clock. Don't worry about wasting an entire productive day as your locks are replaced. We can also arrange to work at night or over the weekend. We are an affordable service with a proven track record. Trust no one but us when you need help with your commercial lock and key systems.
  • Emergency locksmith: Lock and key emergency can arise at any time. Don't let that make you act irrationally. Instead, call us and let our emergency locksmiths help you out. We are always present to answer your call and send help at a moment’s notice. No wonder we are the most trusted service provider in Columbus, OH. Be it lockout assistance or lock repair, we do it all!


If you need a locksmith in Columbus Ohio that fits your budget, is reliable, offers you high quality service within affordable price range, then you need to call no one but Columbus Locksmith Store. We have been in the business for a decade and understand the trade like the back of our hands. Just call us at 614-360-9349 and help us help you. Don't forget to ask for a free quote!

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